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Kickstarter - an explanation of the goals and bonuses

Stretch Goals

                Falcetto will be a living application, with a living community, so new features will continue after initial development concludes. These stretch goals indicate different features that will require extra support in order to be done by the stated timeline. The extra support allows more time devotion on my part, or hiring out some tasks, so that the extra features can be completed by the timeline.

·         HTML 5 canvas visualization engine:  This feature will add the HTML 5 canvas visualization engines.  This will provide an alternative pseudo 3D visualization engine, and a simple 3D vector visualization engine.  The 3D vector engine will utilize the 3D models associated with the image assets.

·         Server Side video rendering: This will allow the User to create video files from their simulations.  These videos that can be used in presentations or uploaded to YouTube.  The videos will be ray-traced 3D, and utilize the 3D models associated with the image assets.

·         Server Side feature to use spreadsheets:  This will allow the user to easily load large amounts of pre-existing data to populate their model.  It will also allow multiple simulations to be queued up, using different data for each simulation.

·         Flash visualization engine:  This feature will provide another alternative way to view the visualizations through the main application.  The Flash plugin is not available on all devices, but when it is it can create a prettier vector drawing.  Flash is also capable of performing real time 3D rendering, and thus this feature will be the first real-time use of the 3D models for image assets.

·         Visual themes:  This feature will allow the user to change the visual theme of the application. Themes will include choices for a soft rounded appearance, sharp efficient appearance, light backgrounds with dark text, and dark backgrounds with light text.

·         Internationalization support:  This feature will allow the user to change which language Falcetto is being displayed with.  Along with allowing the language to be changed, all text and help documentation must be translated into each supported language.

·         Develop curriculum:  This goal is to find teachers to work with, and develop ready-to-use curriculum for Falcetto’s release.  This will allow Falcetto to be immediately usable by teachers for classes, rather than providing them with a blank slate.  This is independent of any curriculum provided by eager Beta testers.

·         Specialized dedicated server:  This server will not be part of the cloud.  It will possess more cores than the cloud servers have available, and will be used for models that will benefit most from parallelism.  This server will also be able to utilize hardware acceleration, for example it could use graphics acceleration to render videos, or find a way to utilize graphics processor cores as extra parallelism cores.

·         Unity visualization engine:  This feature will utilize Unity’s web player to provide a real time 3D visualization.  This will utilize the 3D models associated with image assets.  The Unity player should be able to tie into a computer’s hardware acceleration, providing more responsive 3D graphics, or better handling for large Models.

·         Advanced physics functionality:  This feature will provide more Helper functions for supporting physics modeling such as particle physics, fluid dynamics, deformation, and fragmentation.

·         REST-ful API for Server Side functionality:  This feature will allow access to Falcetto’s Server Side features, in a way that can be accessed from non-Falcetto software.

·         Export the simulation as a JS/HTML movie:  This feature will create a standalone HTML 4 or HTML 5 application that will display the simulation results as a movie.  The benefits of this movie export would be that it will allow the user to have control over the playback speed, can be recorded from multiple points of view, and has the potential of a significantly smaller file size than the ray-traced 3D videos.  Users will be able to put these movies onto their websites.  This export will be performed as a Server Side feature.

·         Export the Model as a standalone app:  This creates an application that contains a subset of Falcetto functionality, enough to populate and run simulations, but not enough to modify the Model logic.  Interactive simulation components will be included, allowing the resulting application to act like a standalone game if desired.  This application will be compatible with PhoneGAP, allowing it to be distributed as its own smartphone app.  This export will be performed as a Server Side feature.

·         Accessibility improvements and testing:  This goal will be to test and tweak Falcetto using a myriad assortment of Accessibility tools, such as screen readers and voice command.

·         Improved instructions and scripts for installing the Server Side functionality on your own server(s).


Bonuses for backers

                Backers can receive various bonuses for supporting this project.  Please note that nothing that can be perceived as “lewd” or “inappropriate” will be allowed for bonuses such as having your name on the thank you page, or choosing image assets or models.

·         Newsletter – receive an email newsletter every two weeks with project status updates.  With the timeline, this will result in only about 10 newsletters before Falcetto is released.

·         Thank you page – have your name (or whatnot) show up on a thank you page for all the world to see.  Thanks!

·         Community badge – backers will have an exclusive badge/icon on their Community accounts.This will allow other Community members to see that you were there from the very beginning!

·         Choosing initial image assets – are the planned image assets not sufficient for a project you want to build using Falcetto?  Choosing this bonus will allow you to specify an additional image asset collection.  The collection will contain approximately 10 objects, based on complexity, so please contact us beforehand in order to confirm whether your needs can be met.  These image assets will be created using the same 3D modeling techniques as the previously planned image assets.  The assets may be included with Falcetto, or may be made available as free content on the Marketplace.

·         Choosing initial models – do you want a Model created for your project, so that you don’t have to create it?  Choosing this bonus will allow you to specify a Model that the development team will build.  Due to time constraints, complexity restrictions may apply.  Please contact us beforehand, so we can confirm whether the Model can be crafted in time.  These Models may be included with Falcetto, or may be made available as free content on the Marketplace.  These Models are not eligible for being Black Box Models.

·         Machine Head – this bonus will allow you an inside look into the process of developing Falcetto.  You will be provided with read-only access to the ticket tracking system, in order to observe how the project is organized and progresses.

·         Subscriptions – Server Side subscription packages are available for pre-purchase.  These subscriptions are offered at a significant discount compared to the rates that will be charged after Falcetto is complete.  The subscriptions will start when Falcetto is released, scheduled for August 2014.

·         Beta access – get about 3 months of early access to Falcetto.  Beta access is scheduled to open in the middle of May.  Beta access will conclude when Falcetto is released, scheduled for August 2014.  This will give you the Summer break to play with Falcetto and prepare your own curriculum using Falcetto.  New features, and bug fixes, will occur all throughout the Beta access.  Most Server Side feature development is scheduled to be done during this time, so Server Side features will become available throughout Beta access.  All Beta participants will have access to Server Side functionality during Beta access.

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